Updates from CROWN

by Janneke van’t Hooft and Zinah Sorefan

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Did you know?

  • Over 80 specialty journals have collaboratively established the Core Outcomes in Women’s health (CROWN) initiative
  • CROWN’s first harmonised outcome set developed with multi-stakeholder consensus has just been released in January 2016 for preterm birth prevention studies
  • COMET has now (March 2016) 23 ongoing Core Outcome Set project on pregnancy and childbirth registered 1-2) hypertensive disorders/late onset pre-eclampsia; 3) epilepsy; 4-5) intrapartum fetal assessment; 6) surgical management of miscarriage 7-8) gestational diabetes mellitus; 9) intrauterine growth restriction; 10) endometriosis; 11) induction of labour; 12) reproductive disorders; 13) postpartum haemorrhage; 14) caesarean delivery; 15) bereavement care interventions following intrauterine death, stillbirth and neonatal loss; 16) induced abortion; 17) obese pregnant women; 18) hyperemesis gravidarum; 19) prevention of miscarriage; 20) medical management of miscarriage 21) pregnant woman with cardiac disease; 22) Iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy; and 23) pain management for women in labour,
  • Two core outcome set projects registered on the COMET website have now been published: a core outcome set for maternity care (completed and published in 2007) and preterm birth (completed and published 2016).
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