Get Involved

Get involved

Are you a member of an Editorial Board?

Many participating journals have nominated Editorial Board Members to be the point of contact with CROWN, as CROWN Editors. Please contact your Editor-in-Chief if you are interested in fulfilling this role and being added to our Editor mailing list, to stay up to date and help progress the initiative. If your journal is not yet a CROWN journal, please contact to find out more.

Are you a clinician? 

As a clinician there are several ways to engage with core outcome sets (COS):

  • Identify COS in early stages of development and offer assistance: Currently, there are very few established studies developing COS in Women’s Health. Studies developing relevant COS will have been prospectively registered and so can be identified through the COMET website.
  • Contribute your opinions regarding outcome selection within an established study: An established COS study will often invite clinicians to contribute their opinions within web-based surveys. Promoting this opportunity within your networks is likely to be most appreciated by study leads.
  • Develop your own COS: There are only a few COS being developed so you could consider seeking funding to establish a COS in an area of your interest.  The COMET Initiative has many resources to help you.

Are you a patient?

Check the COMET website to find out if a COS is being developed in your area of interest. If so, you may be able to get in touch with the Principal Investigator to provide input into the study.

If you are an editor, researcher, clinician or patient we would love to hear from you. 

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