Core Outcome Sets

Core outcome sets 

We list COS that have been registered with the COMET initiative and are relevant to women’s and newborn health. You can find out more about each project by contacting the lead author or principle investigator.

The projects are grouped as follows:

Published core outcome sets 

Health problemFull titleDescriptionCOMET registration numberLinks Funding Body
Breast surgeryDevelopment of a core outcome set for research and audit studies in reconstructive breast surgeryAppropriate outcome selection is essential if research is to guide decision-making and inform policy. Systematic reviews of the clinical, cosmetic and patient-reported outcomes of reconstructive breast surgery, however, have demonstrated marked heterogeneity, and results from individual studies cannot be compared or combined. Use of a core outcome set may improve the situation. The BRAVO study developed a core outcome set for reconstructive breast surgery152Full article:
Potter et al. the BRAVO Steering Group BJS 2015
AF2 and MRC ConDucT Hub
Diabetes in pregnancyA core outcome set for studies evaluating the effectiveness of prepregnancy care for women with pregestational diabetesThe aim of this study was to develop a core outcome set (COS) for trials and other studies evaluating the effectiveness of prepregnancy care for women with pregestational (pre-existing) diabetes mellitus692Full article:
Egan et al. Diabetologia 2017
Health Research Board (Ireland)
Epilepsy in pregnancyDefining core outcomes for clinical trials in pregnant women with epilepsy (E-core): A Delphi surveyThe aim of this project is to develop a core outcome set for clinical trials on the management of epilepsy in pregnant women.
The objectives are: a) to perform a systematic literature review to produce a comprehensive list of all maternal and neonatal outcomes reported in recent studies of pregnant women with epilepsy; b) to use the Delphi technique to refine the outcome list into a core outcome set agreed by key stakeholders.

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393Full article: Al Wattar et al. for EMPIRE Collaborative Network
BJOG 2016
Hirschsprung’s DiseaseDevelopment of a Core Outcome Set for use in Infants with Hirschsprung’s DiseaseThe objective of this study was to develop a Hirschsprung's disease (HD) core outcome set (COS)787Full article:
Allin BSR, Bradnock T, Kenny S et al for NETS1HD Collaboration Arch Dis Child. 2017
National Institute for Health Research
Preterm birthCore outcome set for studies on primary prevention of preterm birthThe Core outcomes set on primary Prevention Of Preterm birth (COPOP) project used an international multidisciplinary Delphi method to develop consensus on a set of key clinical outcomes for the evaluation of preventive interventions for preterm birth in asymptomatic pregnant women. A total of 228 participants from five stakeholder groups from 10 lower-middle-income and 17 high-income countries scored 31 outcomes. Consensus was reached on 13 core outcomes.

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603Full article: van ʼt Hooft et al. for GONet. Obs & Gyn. 2016 None
Maternity CareEvaluating Maternity Care: A Core Set of Outcome MeasuresThe aim of this project was to identify a minimum set of outcome measures for evaluating models of maternity care.

A 3-round, electronic Delphi survey including a wide range of key, international stakeholders. Members of the panel self-assessed their expertise in evaluating models of maternity care.
Full article: Devane et al. Birth 2007Not stated

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