BMA Award for Improving Clinical Outcomes for Cervical Cancer

Zinah Sorefan

Zinah Sorefan, CROWN Project Coordinator.

BMA Research Grant Awards Winner 2015: The Strutt & Harper grant for research into improving clinical outcome measures

Dr Natalie Cooper MBChB MRCOG PHD and Professor Khalid Khan MBBS MRCOG MSc MMEd, Queen Mary’s University

In women’s health research, the use of COS (core outcome sets) – a standardised set of outcomes that clinicians and patients consider critical or important outcomes in the management of a condition – is in its infancy.

Editors-in-chief of over 70 journals have come together in a unique initiative called CROWN (Core Outcomes in Women’s Health) to encourage the development of COS, aid their dissemination and ensure that they become embedded into research practice.

This will prevent selective reporting and improve the precision of meta-analyses. The aim of this project is to implement timely and effective dissemination of COS across all women’s health conditions worldwide through further development of the CROWN initiative.

In addition, it intends to increase the number of COS under development by developing a COS for cervical cancer. During development of the COS, a blog hosted by the CROWN website will provide a ‘running commentary’ on the process, acting as a resource for other researchers and encouraging visitors to the website.

Video Credit: BMA

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