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A systematic review of core outcome sets in women’s and newborn health

By Louisa Waite BJOG  has recently published a systematic review, which evaluates the progress of the CROWN initiative and the development of core outcome sets for women’s and newborn health. It found that 49 core outcome sets have been registered,

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First steps in development of core outcome set – ethical approval

By Natalie Cooper A key element of a core outcome set (COS) is patient and public involvement; after all, it is patients and their families who struggle and suffer from an illness, so who better to help us identify which

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Tips on how to promote your core outcome set

By Louisa Waite The hard work seems to be over. You’ve spent numerous hours planning, conducting and writing up your research. You’ve submitted to a journal, done the necessary revisions, and received the elusive acceptance email. You must be done

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Core Outcome Set for Hirschsprung’s Disease – The NETS1HD Study

By Benjamin Allin Edited by Ewelina Rogozińska Hirschsprung’s disease affects approximately 300-350 children in the UK each year and is caused by the failure of development of the nerves within the intestines. Affected children require an operation to remove part

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Getting and keeping your stakeholders on board – tips from the “battle” ground

By Ewelina Rogozińska You passed the first stage, you have your protocol in place, you’ve gone through publications, extracted numerous outcomes and you are almost ready to send your polished survey around to all relevant stakeholders. But how to find

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A winding road to funding – story of a core outcome set for endometriosis trials

By Dr Martin Hirsch I was fresh faced and green behind the ears when I first heard about core outcome sets in 2013. Fast forward three years and I have been on a journey getting this, the first core outcome

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CROWN initiative – 2016 in review and what is ahead?

By Ewelina Rogozińska December tends to be a month of annual reviews and planning for the New Year ahead. I felt it would be good to reflect on the passing year to see how far the initiative has progressed and,

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Core outcomes in women’s health, a road map to better research

By Bassel H. Al Wattar Edited by Ewelina Rogozińska The last two decades have witnessed a major shift towards evidence-based medicine in clinical practice. Aiming to benefit patients and improve health outcomes, our investment in clinical research and its applicability

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Harmonized safety monitoring of immunisation in pregnancy: the Global Alignment of Immunization Safety Assessment in Pregnancy (GAIA) project

By Linda Eckert and Sonali Kochar Edited by Ewelina Rogozińska Maternal immunisation (MI) is a rapidly evolving field. The safety of vaccines in pregnancy is a key consideration for pregnant women, healthcare providers, vaccine manufacturers, regulators and ethics committees. There

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CROWN & EPHect to promote and improve standards in endometriosis research

By Ewelina Rogozińska and Krina Zondervan On 8th September, as a CROWN Coordinator, I had a pleasure to talk about the initiative during the 4th meeting of the UK Endometriosis Network. This annual event aims to bring together researchers in

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CROWN & Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Group – a core outcome sets the way to reduce research waste

By James MN Duffy Edited by Ewelina Rogozińska The Cochrane Fertility and Gynaecology Group brings together researchers undertaking clinical trials and observational studies in the field of reproductive medicine and gynaecology from around the world. The issue of establishing core

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