About CROWN Initiative

The CROWN (Core Outcomes in Women’s and Newborn Health) initiative was established in 2014, by Prof Khalid Khan, BJOG Editor-in-Chief.
The initiative was launched with an editorial (Khan 2014 BJOG), outlining five main aims of the initiative:

The paper highlighted a problem, common in research reporting across many medical disciplines: a lack of consensus on the most important research outcomes using as an example outcomes related to preterm birth prevention. It referred to findings of a systematic review of existing trials showing that among 100 randomised controlled trials 70 different primary outcomes were listed (Meher 2014 BJOG). In the editorial, Prof Khan stressed the need for the development of core outcome sets (COS) for different disorders, specifically in maternity care. At the time of editorial publication, the initiative had already 56 signatories (June 2014) member journals pledged to those, and reaffirmed this pledge through republication of the original editorial in their journals.

CROWN Journey

June 2013First discussion regarding the impact of heterogeneity in outcomes on the quality of research in women's health, RCOG Congress, Liverpool
October 2013Concept of CROWN established
December 201326 journals in CROWN initiative
February 2014CROWN logo created
March 201452 journals in CROWN initiative
June 2014CROWN editorial published by 36 journals
August 2014 CROWN website goes live
September 2014CROWN sends first tweet
October 201470 journals in CROWN consortium
November 2014 CROWN official launch at COMET IVth meeting, Rome
June 2015BMA The Strutt & Harper awarded a grant for research into improving clinical outcome measures
November 2015Editors meeting at FIGO conference, Vancouver
October 2015CROWN Research Project Coordinator appointed
January 2016Core outcome set for prematurity trials published, the first developed with CROWN support and endorsement
June 2016 Session on core outcome in women health at RCOG World Congress, Birmingham
August 2016 CROWN officially includes neonatal journals and rebrands to CoRe Outcomes in Women’s and Neonatal health
December 2016 83 in the consortium with 56 published CROWN editorial
January 2017 Meeting between CROWN and GAIA Brighton collaboration at SMFM, Las Vegas
May 2017A systematic review by James Duffy on Core Outcome Sets in Women's and Newborn Health published in BJOG